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April 24, 2009

Cheap Hotels in Omaha – Finding Deals on the Web Vs on the Phone

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If you happen to see a great deal on a hotel booking site, such as, it is likely that that hotel booking site gave you the hotel deal not because it is such a special site, but because it has better relations with that hotel than other websites. I’ll give you guys an example…

Magnolia Hotel, the first hotel you see in the search results of for the Omaha area, at the time this article was written, has a deal for $104.30 per night for a stay between May 19th and May 21st. Orbitz had the second lowest price, $139.69, clearly a lot more than what has. I called the Magnolia and was quotes a really high price, $159. I kindly asked, “Is that the lowest you can go?” I mentioned to her that I’ve been browsing online. Knowing that that $159 price is much higher than anything online, she tells me: “Yes, we can match any price online”. She gives me a lower price, slightly lower than the $159 price, which she gets from the hotel website. I ask her if she could go any lower. She says yes, “we can match any price online”, a far cry away from the original $159 and very different from the time she told me that she can only match the price on the hotel’s own website. I tell her that is offering $104 per night and she offers to match the price. Clearly, the hotel itself decides what the deals will be and the websites simply advertise these rates, determined by the hotels. Who ever has the better relationships with hotels gets the better deals. From the the research I’ve done so far, has the most offers in their standard listings of hotels. By standard I mean listings of hotels only, not packages which might include things such as a hotel, flight, and/or rental car.

Rather than just looking for hotel deals online, you can also try calling the hotel itself. Often, they wlll have special deals which you can only get by calling them directly. Regardless, if you are booking a hotel in a popular area and/or at a popular time, the discounts you see online will likely be the best you can get. In the end, there is no “best” way to find a hotel. You can get good deals both online and by dealing with the hotels directly.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I am researching this topic for my next vacation and this is very helpful and informative.

    Comment by Polly — May 22, 2009 @ 1:55 pm | Reply

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