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July 22, 2009

Hotels For Budget Travellers in Greece

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Greece and the Greek Islands are very popular holiday destinations. Being such a popular destination there are many hotels available for the tourist. The budget traveller has also a wide range of choice of different hotels in Greece. The choice of these hotels will make your stay more pleasurable.

There are many reasons to travel to Greece; it can be for its history and sights, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, or the nightlife and entertainment. With so many things to do and enjoy you have to limit your budget for room rent while visiting Greece.

There are many last minute hotels near Piraeus which will suit a low budget traveller. This port city is the main gateway to the Greek Islands. As your travel will start from this point and you will have to stay in a budget hotel.

Hotel Piraeus Dream is a middle budget hotel right in the centre of Piraeus. The rooms comprise of air conditioner and television. You can have a full American buffet breakfast in the breakfast room too. Laptop rental can be obtained for a fee. Single, double, twin and triple rooms are available in this hotel.

A two star hotel is the Ideal Hotel in the middle of Piraeus. The rooms are comfortable having breakfast included in its tariff. The rooms are also air conditioned and can be a single, double, twin or triple room. It is a moderately priced hotel in Greece.

Lilia Hotel is very near to the Port of Piraeus. You have the facility of free transport to the port from this hotel every morning. The room tariff includes the breakfast. This hotel is suitable for those who are not fond of smoking as it is a no smoking hotel. The rooms can be single, double, triple or quadruple rooms. Triton Hotel is also located near the port. This hotel in Greece also offers the same facilities as other hotels of this range. The amenities include AC, TV, private bathrooms and breakfast. However, you have the choice of eating in your room or in the hotel’s breakfast room.

Another of the last minute hotels for the budget traveller is the Hotel Anemoni. It is in the centre of the city having rooms with AC, TV, private bathroom and data ports. As usual breakfast is included in this room tariff also. Hotel Argo is a budget hotel located in the centre of Piraeus, close to the port, and at only 20 minutes from Athens’ city centre. Though the rooms have AC they charge extra for them. There is bathroom attached in the room and also includes TV.

Mistral Hotel is near the Piraeus downtown area. This hotel in Greece has 80 rooms with bathrooms, phone, AC, Wi-Fi and TV. There’s also a restaurant within the hotel. The rates are mid range and are not very cheap. When you visit this port city you will find many hotels located within 10 minutes distance from the port. Though generally all of them are budget hotels, the price per room will depend on the number of stars the hotel has and the facilities it offers.


July 17, 2009

The Ice Hotel

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The demand for a stay in an ice hotel has never been greater. The first hotel made of ice opened in Jukkasjarvi, a Lapland town in the north of Sweden, in1990. The Ice Hotel concept has gripped the world’s imagination since then.

Sweden remains the world’s main venue for buildings made of ice. By exploring Sweden you might expect to find ice galleries, ice restaurants and ice bars as well as the ice hotels. But Sweden is not alone – the other Scandinavian countries have launched their own versions of the Ice Hotel concept. Even Alaska and upstate Quebec in Canada have built an ice hotel in the last few years.

The real adventure of an ice hotel is in staying overnight but many visitors simply arrive for the day to dine in the restaurant or to drink in an Ice Bar. There is nothing quite so warming as a shot of pure vodka served from a glass made entirely of ice.

If your hands are not too numb at the time then you can “tie the knot” in the coolest manner imaginable. Ice hotel weddings have become so popular that the Scandinavian ice hotels can’t keep up with the demand.
The original ice hotel in Sweden is only in existence for around four months each year before it (quite literally) melts away to nothing but it’s remarkably busy during its short season. Fifteen thousand guests stayed last year and this year’s Ice Hotel has eighty-eight bedrooms – thirty of them specially decorated suites created by local ice artists.

All of the ice hotels offer daytime activities and excursions such as ice-carving classes, snowmobile excursions, reindeer rides and dog sledging. The original Ice Hotel in Sweden also has a four hundred-seat theatre where guests can enjoy rock music, opera and other theatrical performances in the evenings. You can purchase Ice Hotel souvenirs and merchandise in the Ice Hotel shop and the concept has spread beyond Sweden. The original Ice Hotel company now run two permanent Ice Bars where the cool citizens of Milan and Stockholm can gather for an evening of “chilling.”

If you’re planning a visit to an Ice Hotel then follow these top tips on how to sleep well when the temperature in your bedroom never rises above minus five degrees.

Try to take part in an evening activity so that you’re already tired when you go to bed.

Avoid the obvious temptation and don’t drink too much – getting up to the toilet in the middle of the night is not much fun when it’s minus five degrees in your bedroom!

Do make sure that your sleeping bag fits you snugly and wear socks, thermal underwear and a woolly hat in bed. Sexy it ain’t! But definitely essential to a comfortable night.

Whatever happens you’re sure to have a unique experience and are not likely to quickly forget the night you spent in an Ice Hotel.

Gary Hill is a travel writer based near Edinburgh in Scotland. He thinks his own bedroom is more than cold enough at times but the Ice Hotel concept seems to attract many thousands each year!

July 8, 2009

Stay in Angeles Beach Club Hotel

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Guests can get many services from the Angeles Beach Club Hotel be it for partying, relaxing or engaging in business. This hotel is a prime choice of luxury and comfort, all in a reasonable price range. Located in Angeles’s prime commercial districts, this hotel provides convenience and relaxation rolled into one.

The hotel provides a three-star accommodation for its treasured guests. Decorated in a tasteful setting, the Angeles Beach Club Hotel is sure to match your needs for comfort and convenience with its wide range of hotel services. Amenities and hotel facilities include Jacuzzi and sauna, tropical pool, lounge bar, fitness center and hotel spa. Hotel services include wireless Internet connection, transportation services, travel arrangements and a whole lot more.

The hotel has well-appointed rooms, all of which provide the basic amenities one can expect from a three-star hotel. Rooms in the Angeles Beach Club Hotel can be a Standard Room, a Jacuzzi Suite, a Beachfront Junior Suite or a Penthouse Suite. The Standard Rooms contain a cable television set, mini-bar, in-room Wi-Fi connection, private bathroom and safety deposit box, as well as a separate living area. The Jacuzzi Suites contain all the basic amenities, as well as a 3-person Jacuzzi. The Beachfront Junior Suite is ideal for the traveling businessmen who also wish to relax, as the suite contains a party Jacuzzi set, a plasma screen television and a separate office room. Lastly, the Penthouse Suite contains a fully-equipped office area and a penthouse balcony to complement the basic room amenities.

A Standard Room in the Angeles Beach Club costs US$105, while Jacuzzi Suites cost around US$120. Beachfront Suites and Penthouse Suites cost US$170 and US$285 respectively.

Guests of the Angeles Beach Club are entitled to a complimentary twenty-four hour shuttle service all around the city and a wireless Internet connection. For the guests’ convenient dining, the in-house restaurant and lounge bar offers international cuisine and a fine selection of cocktail drinks.

Indeed, the hotel offers a wide array of services, all designed to manifest true hospitality and luxurious comfort.

The Angeles Beach Club is located at Don Juico Avenue, which is located nearby Angeles’ prime commercial and entertainment districts. Across the hotel is SM Clark, a prime shopping and dining district owned and operated by the biggest mall company in Asia.

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